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Faroe Islands: 10 Things to Do by Daniel Ernst

faroe islands guide 2017 by daniel ernst what things top best 10 to do photographer
Daniel Ernst

There are many unknown things about the Faroe Islands.

To say the least, this destination is completely untouched, uncharted, and absolutely breathtaking.

It is difficult to put places like this into words however midway between Scotland and Iceland, there are 18 islands that make up the Faroes.

Found in the Gulf Stream in the North Atlantic Ocean, these islands have a greater population of sheep than they do people and endless kilometers of roads that lead you to coordinates undiscovered by many.Continue Reading

Patagonia: Hiking The W (Torres del Paine, Chile)

patagonia hike w torres del paine chile 2017 Trekking Guide trail trip tips by daniel ernst photo travel

In April 2017, my dream came true – I embarked on a journey to Patagonia, aiming to hike the famous W in Torres del Paine National Park (Chile).

I was joined by three friends – Eeva Makinen @eevamakinen, Daniel Taipale @dansmoe and Hannes Becker @hannes_becker – with whom I’ve had a lot of inspiring backpacking adventures in the past.

We all were so stoked to go on this 120 km and 8-day hike through one of the most beautiful places on earth!

Our adventure started with a 29-hour trip to the small airport Punta Arenas in Chile.Continue Reading