Auckland’s Hidden Gems Guide : A Month In New Zealand

Have you ever dreamt of travelling in New Zealand? Yes? Then you’ve struck gold by reading this!

Before I share my story with you from New Zealand here is a highlights video showing what you can expect to see if you follow some of my tips!

You also get to learn a little more about myself and this 4 part article series across New Zealand that I have written for you budding travellers and Azedo.

I never thought i’d be off New Zealand in winter, I’m an adventure and outdoor lifestyle photographer based in Europe.

When the opportunity arose to travel and shoot images for tourism boards in New Zealand over the course of a month I quickly said yes and started planning all the breathtaking places I wanted to visit.

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Zagreb – Slovenia/Croatia Road Trip: Part 3

zagreb croatia trip journey travel 2017

We rolled into Zagreb train station early evening and decided to walk rather than taxi to our latest Airbnb accommodation.
Good thing we did!

Zagreb is extremely easy on the eye.

We immediately passed through a beautiful green public square, before turning on to a broad, attractive, tree-lined street which led all the way to our apartment.

In the more touristy parts of Croatia, such as Split and Dubrovnik you don’t find much of a difference between the price of a similar apartment in a Western European city.

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Ljubljana – Slovenia/Croatia Road Trip: Part 2

ljubljana slovenia 2017

Having made our way back to Ljubljana from beautiful Lake Bled, we found ourselves with a couple of hours to kill before needing to catch the train to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.

When planning our road trip, Ljubljana didn’t feature on our list of stops, having been overlooked for the more traditional tourist hotspots in Slovenia and Croatia, but with time on our hands we decided to do some exploring.Continue Reading

Lake Bled – Slovenia/Croatia Road Trip: Part 1

Lake Bled Slovenia 2017
Janez Tolar

After our wedding in Cornwall, England three months ago, we chose to go on a ‘mini-honeymoon’ for five days in a cottage about 30 miles down the road – adventurous or what!

Our thought was that we would be so exhausted from the build-up to the wedding and the day itself that we wouldn’t have much energy to explore somewhere new.

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Tulum Guide: Love Letters from Mexico

Tulum guide - best hotels, restaurants, weather, what to do, where to eat hidden places and getaways in mexico tulumian paradise travel trips vacations tourists travelers budget and luxury backpackers 2017

“I am not coming home.”

That is what I thought to myself the moment that I felt the salty Caribbean breeze run through me.

Talk about a serious wanderlust fulfillment.

To say the least, Tulum is a magical place.

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Comparing The Most Popular Cheap Hotel Booking Sites: My Review (July, 2017)

search cheap hotel booking hotels near me best last minute deals room finder discount reservations web sites online 2017 - trivago momondo kayak expedia skyscanner Secretescapes Lastminutetravel

The online hotel booking business is huge, and there is a constant stream of new sites all claiming to be the best.

It’s all very well being able to save money, but if you have to spend several hours searching different sites then it may feel like it wasn’t worth the saving.

With this in mind, I have completed an analysis of the most popular sites available as of July 2017.

There are lots of factors that people need to consider when choosing a meta search engine, and I’ve tried to cover all of those with a range of searches and result criteria so that we can see if different services work best for different needs.Continue Reading

8 Best Manhattan Hotels For All Types Of Travelers

best new york city manhattan hotels for any travel vacations top luxury 2017

When planning a trip to New York everything has to be perfect. Whether it’s a first visit or you’ve been so often that you’re practically a New Yorker, every trip is special.

Arguably the most important aspect of the trip will be the place you choose to call home while you’re there.

Visitors to New York City are as diverse and varied as those who live there, so everyone has a different idea of what makes the ideal hotel.

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7 Of the World’s Most Amazing Underwater Hotels

underwater hotel resort room - best underwater hotels 2017

These seven astounding destination hotels have excelled themselves with imagination and ingenuity to deliver unique underwater experiences that will not be easily forgotten.

From extravagant luxury to artistic eccentricity, there is an underwater hotel experience to suit any intrepid explorer’s tastes.

There are so many things that can go wrong with a vacation, but if you choose to stay at one of these incredible underwater hotels you can at least be sure that the accommodation will be perfect.Continue Reading

The 12 Best Alternative Honeymoon Destination Ideas for 2017

best honeymoon destinations alternative ideas places packages top 10 vacations spots resorts 2017

We are all hoping that our next vacation will be the trip of a lifetime, but our honeymoon is one particular experience that is expected to be head and shoulders above the rest.

That can be a lot of pressure on just one holiday and with the entire world to choose from it can be very hard to decide where it will be, especially with all the other wedding-related choices that are being made.  Continue Reading

The 7 Most Outstanding Tree House Hotels in the World

cool best tree house hotel holidays vacations resorts cabins for rent 2017

There is no one who hasn’t dreamed of staying in a treehouse at some point in their lives.

These dreams were often born in childhood as we pored over tales of Rivendell in Middle Earth or followed the adventures of Robinson Crusoe.

There were only two types of kids at school: the ones who had treehouses and the ones who wanted treehouses, but these aspirations seem to fade in adulthood.

This can be attributed in part to the tourism industry that has been keeping us focused on beach resorts, plush hotels and WiFi facilities but also to the growing pressures of modern day life making us forget about the beauty of nature that is there for us all to enjoy.Continue Reading