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When planning a trip to New York everything has to be perfect. Whether it’s a first visit or you’ve been so often that you’re practically a New Yorker, every trip is special.

Arguably the most important aspect of the trip will be the place you choose to call home while you’re there.

Visitors to New York City are as diverse and varied as those who live there, so everyone has a different idea of what makes the ideal hotel.

Let’s see if we can find one that might match your taste.

1. The Most Iconic Hotel – The Plaza, Manhattan Central

manhattan plaza hotel 2017

To enjoy the iconic sights and sounds of the full Big Apple experience it would be wise to consider splashing out on a stay in one of their iconic hotels.

The Plaza certainly has the credentials to fit this criterion and has been a part of the New York experience since its opening in 1907.

It sits on Grand Army Plaza, where two of the most legendary locations on the planet meet with 5th Avenue on one side and Central Park on the other.

Spending a weekend here will not be cheap, but the experience will be priceless with a butler on every floor to see to the guests’ every need, a shopping mall, the grand ballroom, the infamous Champagne Bar and luxurious suites and rooms with views of the equally iconic Central Park.

Stepping out onto 5th Avenue and hailing a cab to the next show will make you feel like you’re in a scene in your own movie.

This is certainly a contender for being the most iconic New York hotel.

Room rates start at around $500 per room per night.

2. The Best Boutique Hotel – Morgans, Midtown Manhattan

morgans boutique hotel 2017

There has been a steady rise in the allure of the Boutique Hotel since the 80s that hasn’t shown any sign of slowing down and it all started with this very hotel.

So if you are looking for the slick and stylish intimacy of the boutique hotel experience in New York, where better to go than to the original of its kind?

Located on the renowned Madison Avenue and within walking distance of Grand Central Station, Macys, 5th Avenue and the Chrysler Building, this hotel is perfect for the city slicker who wants to see all that this vibrant metropolis has to offer.

This type of hotel got its name because of the comparison made to the city’s iconic boutiques after it was styled by a cutting edge interior designer, which really influenced the atmosphere and attraction of the Madison.

This heritage has been well maintained over the years, and every inch of this hotel is an example of perfectly unconventional and well-considered design, from the rooms to the lobby.

They also offer gym facilities if the hours of sightseeing don’t feel like enough exercise and you can happily indulge yourself with the incredible breakfasts on offer every morning.

The success of this brand is reflected in the fact that over the last forty years the Morgan has grown into a global organization recognized all over the world as the ultimate architects of the boutique hotel.

You will certainly feel like you are getting a taste of New York’s flair for cool sophistication while experiencing a slice of modern history when you book in for a weekend at Morgans.

Room rates start at around $200 per room per night.

3. The Best Budget Hotel – Pod 51, Midtown East Manhattan

cheap budget pod 51 hotel 2017

The Pod Hotel concept is revolutionizing budget travel; they now have a number of units and customers need to book months in advance due to their popularity.

They have created incredible modern-looking functional spaces with all you need and none of the frills so that they can pass on the savings to you.

The rooms are called pods for a reason, as they are compact but contemporary spaces with little room for dancing but excellent facilities cleverly fitted into the space.

You will find comfortable beds, flat-screen TVs, super fast WiFi, charging points and a bathroom.

Each Pod hotel has a great location, making exploring the city as straightforward as the accommodation.

Pod 51 has the organization’s trademark colorful pop art design throughout and has a cool rooftop cafe where you can enjoy breakfast alfresco at the start of your first day in the city that never sleeps.

Guests will find themselves within walking distance of 5th Avenue, Central Park, Grand Central Station and the Rockefeller Center and with the incredible value of the Pod Hotels you won’t need to have Rockefeller’s money to be able to afford this particular vacation.

Room rates start at around $85 per room per night.

4. The Most Luxurious Hotel – The Gramercy Park, Midtown Manhattan

gramercy park

This hedonistic city is famed for its luxury and opulence, so how does one decide which is the most luxurious hotel when there are so many to choose from?

Gramercy Park has given luxury a genius contemporary makeover, enlisting the services of an Oscar-winning designer to remodel the hotel from top to bottom.

There is no scrimping on the usual decadent materials with imported Italian linens, handcrafted Moroccan tiles and furnishings imported from all over the globe; however, there is nothing imposing or old fashioned about this masterpiece of design.

The theme is playful and reminiscent of a Renaissance revival with rich colors, luxury fabrics and handcrafted quality in every corner.

The hotel is also an art gallery with works and installations from highly respected artists such as Warhol and Hirst prominently and stylishly displayed on every wall, and even some of the ceilings — the 4,000 light bulb installation on the top floor is not to be missed.

There is also the use of the rooftop gardens, where you can enjoy the lifestyle of the rich and famous while enjoying a cocktail and looking at that legendary Manhattan skyline.

High-end luxury has never looked and felt so current, and it also comes with the exclusive and much-coveted ‘key to the park.’

While others can only walk past its high walls and wonder at what lies within, guests get access to the oasis of calm that is Gramercy Park.

Designed and built in the 19th century as an escape from the hustle and bustle of an already growing city, this green space has kept its charm and is a luxury that very few people can claim to have experienced.

So if it’s a luxury stay that you want, look no further than the hotel that offers one thing that all the others can’t.

Room rates start at around $500 per room per night.

5. The Most Filmed Hotel – The Waldorf Astoria, Midtown East Manhattan

waldorf astoria nyc

New York is an unmissable trip for film and TV buffs keen to see the set locations of thousands of legendary scenes from both the small and silver screens that have been filmed here.

It makes sense that the visit should include one of the hotels that have repeatedly featured, arguably making it as famous as the stars that were in the scenes.

The Waldorf Astoria has been appearing on our screens since 1937, when it provided the backdrop for the Carole Lombard romantic comedy Nothing Sacred and it’s barely been out of them since.

Staying at the Waldorf will have you retracing the steps of the stars of films like Catch Me if you Can, Scent of a Woman and The Great Gatsby and TV shows including The Sopranos, Sex and the City and Will & Grace.

The spectacular art deco architecture and sumptuously lavish interior design makes this a perfect set choice, and the luxurious facilities and decadent indulgences make it the perfect stay if you want to feel part of New York’s rich cinematic history.

Room rates start at around $500 per room per night.

6. The Best Hotel for Celebrity Spotting – The Soho Grand, Lower Manhattan

soho grand

For some of us, one of the joys of visiting this urban sprawl is spotting the celebrities who flock here to hang out in the city’s latest cool bars and restaurants.

If you’re hoping for a chance encounter with fame, then staying at the hotel of the stars would be a good start.

The Soho Grand has a reputation for being effortlessly cool with its rich heritage camouflaged beneath shabby boho chic furnishings and features.

It is laid-back while delivering excellent service and the utmost in discretion for its more sought-after guests.

Its location in the Soho district makes it a favorite for the bright young things who inhabit the openings of Victorian buildings now converted into art galleries and the concept bars.

Recent guests at the Soho Grand have included Naomi Campbell, Lindsay Lohan, George Clooney and KD Lang.

So why not go and enjoy the same extravagances that the stars have access to?

The hotel rooms come with luxury robes, full entertainment centers and complimentary CDs from previous guests, as well as the high standard of fixtures and fittings one would expect from such a high-caliber establishment.

Even if you don’t happen to find yourself having breakfast next to Gwyneth Paltrow, you’re sure to feel like a celebrity yourself after a few nights at the Soho Grand.

Room rates start at around $300 per room per night.

7. The Best for the Rooftop Lifestyle – The Refinery Hotel, Midtown Manhattan

refinery hotel

The real prize of a visit to New York is getting to see that legendary Manhattan Skyline, so why not book a hotel that means you get to see it in style?

The Refinery is well named, as it provides a refined service with sophisticated rooms that reflect its location in the trendy Garment District, along with fashion labels like Donna Karen and Oscar de la Renta, who share the same zip code.

Already a good choice for a stylish break in the most fashionable city in the US, but the real reason it made it onto this list is up on the roof.

The Refinery Rooftop Bar is a New York institution with resident mixologists providing natural blended cocktails from the specially designed menu and world class food served during the day, but it is the view that makes this the refuge of choice for midtown Manhattan.

The clear unrestricted view of the skyline, and particularly the Empire State Building, is unrivaled by any other establishment.

They have even made sure that the bar is accessible all year round, with retractable glass roofing and heated seating that means it is well prepared for that unpredictable New York weather.

The hotel has to take bookings for the Rooftop well in advance, but hotel guests have unrestricted access and it will really make the trip to New York a breath-taking vacation.

Room rates start at around $250 per room per night.

8. The Best Hotel Pool Experience – Dream Downtown, Downtown Manhattan

dream downtown hotel nyc 2017

Before you even walk in the door you know you’ve found something a little different when you arrive at the Dream Downtown hotel.

The surprisingly stylish nautical theme starts with the stainless steel frontage pockmarked with the quirky porthole style windows that set the tone in every high-spec bedroom and suite.

The theme continues throughout the hotel and yet they have managed to avoid looking cheap or tacky with spectacular design features and bold furniture choices.

The hotel is located near to some of New York’s most interesting attractions including the Highline Park and Chelsea Market, but they pride themselves on having staff with a local inside knowledge on the surrounding area and will advise you on some of the less well-known places to visit.

However, you might find it difficult to leave once you’ve discovered the delightful feature that sets this place apart from the rest.

New York is not synonymous with beach vacations, but at this establishment you can have your cake and eat it too.

On the second floor is a crystal blue 50-foot glass-bottomed heated pool that hangs over the lobby.

This unexpected delight is surrounded by luxurious lounge chairs and a luxury pool deck that boasts white sands, chaise lounges, a fully stocked bar and a DJ booth that turns the relaxing pool area into the height of decadent nighttime entertainment.

Everything about this venue is cool, relaxed, accommodating and just really good fun.

Room rates start at around $250 per room per night.

Bottom Line

There you have it — New York is on everyone’s list of places to visit, and the variety and quality of its hotels are a reflection of everything that makes this city special.

There is quite literally something to suit everyone’s taste and there is no need for anyone to leave this urban paradise without a smile on their face and memories to treasure forever.